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What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a nationally funded program. This scheme is designed to provide financial support for early intervention, supports and services for people that have a permanent and significant disability.

The NDIS provides eligible participants access to an individualised budget. This funding can be used to pay for services, equipment, and other supports. This is with the aim to assist the person with a disability to engage meaningfully in their daily life, participate in the community, and reach their goals. Ultimately, the participant has choice and control over which services they prefer, however, the supports and services must be deemed as reasonable and necessary.

Who can access the NDIS?

There is a formal process required to access the NDIS. To commence this process, participants are required to submit an ‘Access Request’ to determine their eligibility. Broadly, individuals are eligible for the NDIS if they are aged under 65 years, living in Australia with residency status and require support due to a permanent and significant disability.

If deemed eligible, the NDIS will work with you to make a plan which outlines the supports and services required to meet your child’s goals. You will then receive a plan outlining a monetary amount which can be used to pay for required supports and services. This plan is typically reviewed on an annual basis.

What if my child is under 7?

The NDIS utilises Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) for individuals under 7 who have a developmental delay or disability. The term ‘early intervention’ is considered to be the provision of support as early as possible, to reduce the impacts of a disability or developmental delay, by assisting children to build their skills and independence. These approaches are evidence based and family focused.

To assist with accessing supports, the NDIS have engaged Early Childhood Partners, who will tailor individualised support to your child’s needs and circumstances. This support could take place in a variety of ways including, providing you with information, connecting you with supports within your area, providing some short-term intervention (if appropriate), and help to access the NDIS and develop a plan.

How does the NDIS work?

Once the NDIS confirms your child is eligible, they will work with you to create an NDIS Plan. During this planning meeting, you will need to discuss your child’s needs, as well as your current and future goals. The NDIS will then use this information to determine a support budget for your child.

The support budget is based on what is reasonable and necessary to assist your child to reach their goals, and outlines the individualised funding your child can access. NDIS budgets fall across three different categories including Core Supports (e.g. consumables, or transport), Capacity Building Supports (e.g. therapy, or skill development), and Capital Supports (e.g. assistive technology, or modifications). Each of these supports categories may be used to pay for required supports and services.

There are a variety of ways you can manage your NDIS funding. These include agency managed (i.e. Behaviour+ claims for services directly from NDIA), self-managed (i.e. you pay Behaviour+ and claim reimbursement from the NDIA), and plan managed (i.e. a third-party provider pay Behaviour+). Behaviour+ also provides plan management services to make it easier for you by removing the administration aspects of self-managed services.

The NDIS Plan is typically reviewed on an annual basis in a plan review with the NDIS. They will request that you bring any reports that you have from existing providers and be prepared with an idea of what your new goals are. During this meeting, they will check to see the supports provided have been appropriate, and are helping your child to progress towards meeting their goals.

How can Behaviour+ support my child under the NDIS?

Behaviour+ is a specialist disability provider, with a team of Behaviour Specialists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Special Educators and Counsellors who are registered to provide early intervention services, therapy services, and behaviour support using NDIS funding.

Being a registered NDIS provider, Behaviour+ have committed to providing evidence-based and family-focused interventions utilising the following service delivery framework:

  • Families are placed at the centre of decision making
  • Providing services to families within their natural environment
  • Ensuring strategies and goals are embedded within daily settings and routines
  • Encouraging active participation of family members
  • Interagency collaboration and coordination
  • Increasing participation of children with disabilities and their families in mainstream services
  • Maintaining cultural sensitivity and awareness.

Behaviour+ services can be accessed under the following Capacity Building categories:

Improved Daily Living

This support category allows for the provision of assessment, training, and therapeutic supports to assist the development of, or to increase, participants skills and their capacity for independence and community participation. These include capacity building supports for early childhood intervention (under 7 years), and therapeutic supports for other participants (over 7 years).

Improved Relationships

This support category allows for the provision of specialised assessment for people with complex or unclear needs, requiring long term or intensive supports to address behaviours of concern. These include specialist behavioural intervention supports and behaviour management planning and training.

Improved Life Choices

This support category allows for the provision of managing and monitoring budgets over the course of the plan. The plan management provider manages the NDIS claims on your behalf and pays the service provider for the services that have been delivered.

How do I find out more about the NDIS?

Behaviour+ is a registered NDIS provider. We have provided a brief overview about the NDIS however, for more information about the NDIS and to commence your application visit the website: or call on 1800 800 110.