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Target Learning Areas

Behaviour+ provides individualised programming focuses on achieving specific outcomes that aid the overall development of the child. This is achieved by looking at the following key learning areas:      


Pre-School/School Skills

Independent Living Skills

Community Skills

Play and Social Skills

Training and Workshops

Positive Behaviour Support

Our Programs

Our programs are developed under the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) framework and we predominantly use the evidence-based principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). ABA is the process of using behavioural principles to create practical and socially significant change.

We deliver high quality services that are tailored to suit your individual family needs, in order to achieve real and meaningful outcomes.

We empower families with knowledge and strategies to support their child’s learning and development.

We use the principles of ABA to provide parents, caregivers and professionals with a ‘tool kit of strategies’ that they can use to independently and successfully manage challenging behaviours and teach new, appropriate skills.



Behaviour+ is a NDIS registered provider who deliver behaviour services under the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) framework. Our behaviour programs are developed using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). We work in a collaborative and holistic manner to support the whole family.

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Behaviour+ offers Psychological Services and assessments for children and adolescents to assist them to reach their full potential by building self-sufficiency and meaningful participation. Our Psychologists teach a variety of skills including emotional regulation, resilience, insight, problem solving, decision making and everything in between.

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Speech Pathology

At Behaviour+, communication is everything. Our talented Speech Pathologists provide assessments and interventions for children that are experiencing speech sound disorders, language delays, and communication difficulties. We also have a huge passion for teaching social skills.

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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Team at Behaviour+ aims to promote your child’s independence through the development of functional skills that are required for everyday activities. This can include anything from daily living (e.g. dressing) through to motor skills (e.g. balance) and everything in between.

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The Counsellors at Behaviour+ are highly experienced in working with parents and family members of children with disabilities. We also provide psycho education and practical strategies along with the space for to talk through your challenges.

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Plan Management

Behaviour+ offers Plan Management services. This service pays the providers on your behalf, manages your budget, keeps track of your funds and completes the required financial reporting as well.

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Behavious+ offers informative fact sheets that have information surrounding behavioural support, analysis, responsibilities, privacy and confidentiality, feedback, advocacy, funding and more.

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a nationally funded program. This scheme is designed to provide financial support for early intervention, supports and services for people that have a permanent and significant disability.

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